wedding planTwo weeks prior to the wedding, you should contact any guest that has not confirmed attendance and confirm the delivery time with the florist. You should then ensure that all the members of the bridal party have their dress and suit fitting and all accessories are put in place. This time, you should confirm the final guest members list to the venue of the after wedding ceremony to have meals planned for the right number of people.

Weddings are the entry gate to marriage, the ceremony that precedes a life of partnership and love in most cases. They are special moments in life, and the pictures are kept for remembrance, spurring nostalgic moments of happiness.

The wedding ceremony is never complete without the reception. It is not uncommon for one to miss the wedding but attend the reception that is sometimes held at a different location. Even though they are social events and gatecrashing is sometimes tolerated, there are times when it can be a cause of embarrassment. In a wedding held a couple of years ago, many people attended uninvited; at the reception though, they got a huge shocker. You were sent away if you didn’t have the wedding invitation card. This usually results in awkward conversations in future times.

Weddings come in different colors and sizes. I think it is safe to conclude that they are like fingerprints; no two weddings are the same. Everyone needs a mode of transportation, something that they can attach the ‘Just Married’ banner onto. For some, it is donkeys, some limousines, some camels, but I think a wedding is never complete without this.

When planning a wedding, there a couple of things that must be considered and ticked off from the big-day checklist, otherwise, your special day could turn out to be mediocre.

Eight months to the wedding

calculatorAmong the most important things, that someone should look to start early is (i) choosing the kind of wedding you will have and (ii) preparing a budget. It’s never too early to start and if possible, immediately after the engagement. The same goes for the venue and date, one month could make all the difference.

According to the desires of the couple, a planner should be hired at this time.

The hassle of looking for a photographer and/videographer, the caterers and the florists can all be done by the planner and so that lightens the load. But it is advisable to meet them before the wedding to approve of them, the planner should only choose. For the ladies, it is time to look for a dress and buy it, you can’t afford to go at it at the last minute.

4-6 months to the wedding

Everyone needs bridesmaids, but you haven’t gotten them their dresses, so go out and do it. Arrange for your transportation during this duration and start scheduling the event (prayers go first). You should be thinking hard about your cake at this time and the invitations.

2-3 months to the wedding

Go out and purchase the wedding rings and send out the invitation cards. Meet with the photographer and the deejay if you are going to have a playlist.

Month to the wedding

Make sure you go over everything; every detail needs to be checked and re-checked. Confirm with everyone at the scheduled times. Write your vows and get a marriage license if one is required. And finally, do not be anxious. So will you kiss, hug, or shake hands after getting married?

On the pre- wedding day, attend a rehearsal to familiarize yourself with the venue and determine wedding –party positions during the ceremony, confirm all duties required on the wedding day are assigned to the right people, and they are aware of their duties. After the wedding, return any rentals and send thank-you notes to the guest and vendors.