In planning a wedding, setting an exact date can be difficult until major decisions like booking the perfect venue are made. You may choose a date, but the venue is unavailable on that date. One, therefore, works by selecting a range of dates. Dates to avoid include holiday weekends whether religious or cultural and also personally significant days that involve family members or close friends you would want to attend your wedding.

Picturing the type of wedding you want to have is also important. Do you want a huge wedding with many people or just a small ceremony for family and friends? Do you want your wedding on a beach or down at the courthouse? Do you want it indoors or outdoors? All these are important in helping you select what ceremony you want to have.

Coming up with a budget for the preferred wedding would follow. Budgeting, if left for the couple alone, can be difficult and, for this reason, wedding committees are set up. They consist of family and friends of the couple to be married. Since the financing cannot be done by the couple alone, it is also the responsibility of the committee to raise enough money to finance the said wedding usually by contributions and any other means they have. Drafting a guest list is done after budgeting since it is the budget that limits the number of people you can invite. The number of guests is also limited by the size of the venue and cutting this list is also the easiest way to reduce costs especially for seating and catering arrangements. You can also select your wedding party at this time.



Wedding planning can get hectic, and it may be wise to get the services of a planner or consultant who handles your wishes and not their own. The planner is likely to have a good working relationship with vendors to hasten delivery and ensure quality while cutting costs though the costs saved are transferred to their (planner’s) pay.

Booking a particular date can now be done, and the venue reserved for that date… Good wedding photographers may need to be booked In advance, and therefore one should check on their availability early enough.

Shopping for dresses and shoes of the wedding party should be done early to get a variety of items to choose from at the best prices. It would be a real bummer if one were to plan their whole wedding in detail only to end up with an entourage in ugly dresses.

Do not forget to get a license for your wedding and someone to preside over the ceremony and also a gift registry to avoid getting double gifts.