People like to attend different wedding ceremonies; even if they were not invited, they always love to see the newlyweds and the entire appraisal that comes with it. This is at type of celebration that everybody loves to be included. I have heard different stories about weddings that people have attended such as the most expensive wedding that was done in Australia two years ago. Every guest who attended the wedding was given a gorgeous hamper that included a photo album, key holder that was made of bronze and also an inspirational marriage novel. The wedding was extravagant starting from different cuisines that everybody loved. Also, when the ceremony ended the guest was invited for a ‘tasting experience’ thus tasting different beverages of wine and hence coming up with its mixed ingredients.

So as to have a comprehensive wedding, the newlyweds should first plan before their celebration day. They need to plan for about one to two years depending on the planned budget. There are specific categories that they should follow while planning a wedding such as creating a calendar in which it will be guiding them in the planning process. The planning process includes budgeting that includes the amount of money they tend to spend for the whole occasion. They should also choose a perfect location and good reception where every guest will be comfortable and hence enjoying the event. Furthermore, the plan should also include the number of guests, where to order or buy the brides gown, entertainment decision such as a song artist or a band, honeymoon destination and also wedding card invitations.

There are certain specific events that occur during a wedding ceremony such as the mode of sitting thus starting from the VIPs, Family members, and guests. Also, the chosen entrance should be well decorated and perfect for everybody to walk in. Furthermore, the newlyweds should look for a comfortable place such as parks and the open ground thus making the guest to be more comfortable. Also, the chosen staff should be well trained in order to coordinate the huge number of people who have attended the wedding ceremony. Availability of Car parking should be available so that it can be easy for the visitors.


There are different types of wedding ceremonies such as wedding traditions that can be described as the type of wedding where the newlyweds follow their cultural heritage practice on their wedding. For example, there are some of the traditions that believe that when they jump a broom, they will get blessings in their love life. In addition, there is also a religious wedding whereby the bride and the groom are bowed before the whole congregation in a house of worship. Some of the religious ceremonies are like Muslim, Jewish, Roman Catholic and many more. Furthermore, there is also a judicial wedding whereby the bride and groom to be go to the jurisdiction courts together with two witnesses and then they end to read their vows and finally they sign a civil certificate of marriage. There is also an intercultural ceremony whereby the bride and the groom tend to have a different cultural background. This makes them hold a wedding ceremony whereby both of their cultural practices are included.